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How Trump has Transformed the GOP into the new Third Party We Needed

Yesterday’s New Bedford Standard Times featured an op-ed by Professors Davies and Harrigan that would have been appropriate several months ago.  But that was before Donald Trump defeated all the establishment-types and seized control of the nomination. In February it did appear that the two major political parties were intent on continuing their shared mission–to make the central government bigger and more intrusive in everyone’s life. The similarity between the two parties, as the professors state, has allowed an inexorable expansion of power held by unelected bureaucrats and it is bankrupting the country.  But, the situation has changed remarkably in the last few months and the professors err in suggesting that the only alternative for concerned voters is to vote for the Green Party or the Libertarian Party.  

The fact that the leaders of Republican Party are hell-bent on stopping Trump underscores the fact that he is not one of them. What has happened, in effect, is that a new and vital Third Party is being created in place of the old Republican Party. The Libertarians and Greens have no chance. Trump’s ascendancy means that the Republican Party has been transformed. Gone are the ideological arguments, the abstract theories, the BS of political scholars, and the ineffectual intellectuals at the National Review.

The Bill Kristols who only appreciate over-educated stuffed shirts who pontificate over philosophical arguments have been left adrift in Trump’s wake. And that’s good: Trump is a common sense conservative, keenly aware of the realities that confront America and he has the management experience to effect meaningful change. And, as we all know, there is a lot of the past’s failed practices for him to undo! Disruption is in order, and Trump seems like a master at disruption: He has left the entire Republican establishment in ruins! That success should be welcomed by all believers in Constitutional government–a government for all the people–not just the rich and powerful.

The anti-Trump factions are motivated simply by fear; fear that he will disrupt their gravy train; fear that he will not follow their orders; fear that he will bring the needed fixes to Washington that they failed to accomplish; and fear that he will make them look like either crooks or buffoons–which describes most of those involved in the Stop Trump effort, and, for that matter, most all of the power brokers in both parties running around Washington today.

One of the strengths of Trump’s candidacy is that it ignores the academic niceties of who’s a true Conservative, or who’s good Liberal, etc.  Instead of debating theory, Trump has enunciated a very real and needed platform: he will fix the Veterans Administration and improve its hospitals; he will lead the nation on the world stage with strength, not apologies; he will avoid the slow death of foreign adventures that drag on for decades; if ISIS needs fixing he will do it swiftly and certainly; he will abolish common core and probably the Department of Education along with it; he will protect the right to bear arms; plus, most importantly, he is the type of person who will actually do what he says. 

Trump is a conservative at heart:  he wants to restore States Rights and turn over to the governors what the federal government shouldn’t be messing with; he will control our borders and immigration; he will save hundreds of billions of dollars by simplifying the IRS Code and entitlement programs; and his list of Supreme Court candidates show that he will restore Constitutional law to all our courts. What more do Conservatives want? Maybe he won’t outlaw all abortions or limit transgender bathroom rights, but give me a break!  A little liberalism is called for and by not being an ideologue or a party hack he brings a healthy balance to the NEW Republican Party. And, I suspect he will surround himself with some very capable people-compare that to the appointments made by his predecessors.

Granted, Donald Trump is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. He speaks boldly, without crafted sly speeches written by handlers. He is not an ideologue, full of flowery and utopian promises,  but, like most successful businessmen, he is flexible and will change direction, admit mistakes, and keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t.  That’s an important virtue because most of what happens in Washington does not work well!

For all his brashness and outlandish statements, he is a straight-shooter, a traditional American character, and look at his family–he, and their mothers, have raised some fine children, empowered the women, and built a solid traditional family loyalty among all the members. It’s also a plus that he is fiercely independent and can not be bought because he already has everything!

We cannot expect many professors, or the intellectuals and elites, to like such a man, but most average people seem to like the cut of his jib. For all his wealth, he has the common touch–like it or not! And, it does appear, more and more, that he understands America’s problems, cares deeply about the mess we are in, and has the temperament and skills needed to get some good things done.  We don’t need a mild-mannered individual who will protest ineffectively at the shenanigans going on in the Capitol! And, unlike the two professors, I don’t see how voting for the Libertarians or Greens would help America at all. On the other hand, if Trump is elected, which is quite likely, we will in fact gain a Third Party, it will be in power, calling the shots, and the old Republican hangers-on will be left behind in the dustbin of history. What’s not to like about that?