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Parody of Boston Globe Headlines if Hillary wins Presidency

March 15, 2017 – Boston Globe – Current Events

“White House welcomes 500,000 refugees from Middle East.” Mostly young men seeking asylum from Iranian/Saudi conflict.”

“Drug epidemic worsens; Rio Grande being crossed at will by smugglers. Sheriff shot.”

“President sending more troops to Syria, Russia warns against Yankee aggression.”

“Goldman Sachs’ chief-executive appointed to head Treasury Department”

“Hospital ER’s overflowing; three month wait for most surgeries.”

“National debt limit increased; soaring interest rates cause huge budget shortfall.”

“Chicago airports closed; racial rioting continues; arsonists destroy south side of city.”

“New multi-billion dollar mosque planned for Washington DC”

NY Attorney General prosecutes Climate Change deniers; top scientist jailed for refusing to recant.”

“Bill Clinton found in Lincoln bedroom with 16 year old intern.”

Secretary of State Kerry meeting with Hamas leaders, offering financial assistance for peace”
Department of Education mandates Global Warming courses in all schools”

“Hillary found in bed with her long-time Muslim assistant; denies wrongdoing; asks ‘What difference does it make?'”

“Disability rolls grow, while unemployment numbers improve.”

“New Ford plant in Tennessee shut down over environmental concerns. Rare tri-color lizard habitat restored”

North Dakota Rally for Trump/Cruz “losers” closed down by federal swat team. Washington Post reports Lady holding an “I told You So” sign was thrown to the ground and incarcerated”