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Take Your Pick – More Downward Drift or Disruption?

Anyone watching the news lately might believe that America’s political candidates have lost their senses. Hardly a day goes by without the talking heads on TV reporting that one of the candidates said something simply awful-and then suggesting that the indiscreet candidate should just drop out of the race. But what’s wrong with speaking the truth, unvarnished, and disrupting the power brokers in Washington?

I understand that in these days of stifling political correctness you have to guard your tongue carefully. It is difficult to voice an opinion without being charged you’re sexist, or racist, or anti-this-or-anti-that! Our president won’t even refer to the terrorists killers as radical Muslims. Some of this Orwellian fear of mere words comes from our Leftist elites who tell us our country stinks and all religions and cultures are equally praiseworthy-therefore you cannot criticize Honor Killings, throat slitting, sacred cows, or illegal immigrants. And you have to love diversity and immigrants no matter how awful some of the diverse elements may be!

Any candidate who says it like it is and decries the corruption and compromise that has soiled out nation’s capitol is labeled “disruptive” and “divisive.” The establishment figures who rule Washington and our media do not want any “disruption” of their cozy posts.

But with America in the doldrums, impotent abroad, broke at home, stuck in partisan gridlock, and the Middle Class suffering from declining income, isn’t it time someone was disruptive? If we keep sending back cautious and compromising characters to Washington will anything get fixed? Won’t that just continue the downward “drift” of our fortunes? Isn’t it about time we disrupted this incompetent mess that holds our nation in a death-grip? You have to break some eggs to make an omelette!