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The Truth Hurts–especially those with closed ideological minds

Yesterday I noted that there was a lot of critical comments aimed at Rupert Murdoch’s tweet about the Malaysian plane crash. (He suggested that it was probably a terrorist act.) The common theme in the vast majority of the posted comments was that Murdock is evil and Fox News is worse. It made me wonder: Are the people making these vitriolic posts paid by some “vast left wing conspiracy group” or do they just adhere to today’s PC dictum that we must not disparage jihadists–who tend strongly to be Muslim fanatics and thereby come under the blanket protection of multiculturalism?

Note that this was a personal tweet by Murdoch–not imposing his personal supposition on his news outlets. He merely suggested what everyone is suspecting–planes rarely spontaneously disintegrate! With several suspect passengers, and no mayday reports, and the reports that the plane changed course, his conclusion is well founded. If I was a betting man I would bet on some form of suicide bombing plot as the cause of this disaster. So why the harsh attacks?

One answer may be that: The reigning PC need to prove that Obama has the terrorists “on the run” is the only thing keeping most everyone in the media from agreeing with Murdoch, or at least conceding that he may very well have a point. The violent objections made by most posters on their comments, and their kneejerk attacks on Fox News, indicates that they are Leftists, Obama supporters, the useful idiot types that supported Stalin and Communism for so many decades. Such people have a passionate zeal, a deep ideological need, and a personal stake approaching religious fervor, to attack and bring down anyone who expresses an opinion different from their own. They are the enemy of free speech, a free press, a free country, and sound logic.

The most interesting part of Murdoch’s tweet was the suggestion that we could in the future find a shred of common ground with China and a wedge against Russia from this terrorist plague that infects so much of the world. In view of Putin’s recent advances, such constructive suggestions are worth considering by anyone with an open and rational mind.