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Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

Shades of President Carter Revisited.

On June 18, 2012, the Huffington Post ran a news story about the recent unfortunate turn of events in Egypt’s latest change of government. The news story outlines how the fundamentalist Islamists are now taking on the military to establish Islamist rule. And it describes how in both Tunisia and Libya, the Arab Spring is bringing forth a new bevy of fundamentalist states:

“At their campaign headquarters, the Brotherhood officials and supporters were ebullient over the turn of fate: The fundamentalist group that was banned for decades and repeatedly subjected to crackdowns under Mubarak’s rule now held the chair that their nemesis was ousted from by last year’s 18 days of mass protests. The uprising was launched by secular, leftist young activists, joined only later by the Brotherhood’s leadership as millions took to the street, seeking an end to the authoritarian, corrupt regime.

“Now some in Brotherhood were ready to challenge the generals. “Down with military rule,” the supporters chanted.
“The Arab Spring uprisings have brought greater power to Islamists in the countries where longtime authoritarian leaders were toppled – but Eygpt is the only one to have an Islamist president. The Islamist Ennahda party won elections in Tunisia for a national assembly and it leads a coalition government, but the president is a leftist. Libya’s leadership remains in confusion and there is no president, though Islamists play a strong role, and an Islamist party is part of the coalition government in Yemen.”

This scenario has to remind us of the late 1970’s, when under President Jimmy Carter’s “enlightened” foreign policy almost a dozen nations fell under Communist dominion. That record number of lost nations, attained in a mere three years, dwarfed all the conquests the Soviets had made during the preceding 25 years of Cold War conflicts and Soviet backed insurrections.

Now, in just three years, President Obama has, by a series of ill-conceived gaffes in foreign policy, turned the tide in North Africa over to the Islamic fundamentalists. Hillary Clinton probably should share the blame in this turn of events which has placed Israel at ever greater risk. Now, with radical Islam on her Western flank, our strongest ally is truly surrounded.

And to attain this failure, the Obama administration had to join in the aerial bombardment of Libya, which posed no threat to America. That expensive conflict represented the worst type of aggression under international law, and signaled to the world that American presidential policy had added assassination of foreign leaders to its allowed tools of trade. By doing so, we gave good reason to the Muslims for hating America while opening the door to a new radical government in Africa.