Author of The Parasitic Role of Elites, Saving Democracy!, Wasted Genius and Common Genius

WASTED GENIUS — The Sequel to Common Genius

PRESS RELEASE — march 15, 2011 — Now Being Published — from Lost Nation Books

WASTED GENIUS — The Sequel to Common Genius

Learn why Darwin is so irrelevant when dealing with human beings. Discover why all children, of all races, everywhere on earth, are truly born equal, possess comparable potential, and must be accorded equal opportunity, nurturing, and respect.

Wasted Genius takes a new look at how we raise our children and shows the harm done by the inflated role given to test scores and school grades. Based on recent discoveries on how our minds develop, the author explains the relative importance of the four factors that shape each person: human nature, the environment, genes, and free will.

Greene has coined the term “TCQ” — a new yardstick to measure all of a child’s abilities–capabilities that go beyond IQ, EQ, and people skills–aptitudes that our schools and colleges are neglecting. Current standards reward “test-taking” ability while neglecting the real objective of schools–to teach everyone the basic skills required to survive in the modern world.