Author of The Parasitic Role of Elites, Saving Democracy!, Wasted Genius and Common Genius
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Learn how America is following in the footsteps of all past democracies, prospering for a few hundred years, until grown so large, so diverse, so overextended, so financially stretched, that they weaken and fall. The eventual collapse has usually been marked by excess corruption, financial failure, out of control immigration, and ideological bickering. Sounds like America–are we next to go?

Bill Greene says “yes.” Drawing on the lessons of history and economics revealed in his earlier books, the author places the blame for America’s current situation at the feet of our political leaders. An easy to read primer on how the United States is on a path to crash and burn–and on a brighter note, how to put the country back on track. We must elect honest common sense managers, proven by successful real-world experience–and that means getting rid of the crooked politicians and the endless debates over social issues.

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